Roller Blind (Linen)

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A Roller Blind is a stiffened fabric around an aluminium tube that can be raised and lowered by a chain or motor, to give you privacy and light control. Available as a Blockout or Light Filtering Roller Blind.  You can customize your blind to suit your window measurements.

!!!Please read how to measure before your proceed to enter the sizing information below. If you are not sure if your measurement is correct or not, please kindly contact us for help.

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Blockout Vs LightFilter



Product Specifications

Minimum Width: 60 cm
Maximum Width: 200 cm
Minimum Height: 80 cm
Maximum Height: 280 cm
Inside Mount Deduction: 1 cm
Controls include:  Plastic tassels (145 cm long)

Made in: Germany Design and Made in China


Mounting Requirements


Inside Mount :

Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 6 cm
Maximum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed): 10 cm

Outside Mounting :
Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 2 cm

Choose Fabric

Light Filter, Block Out


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