Pulley Clothes Drying Rack System

$328.00 $195.00

Materials: Aluminum Alloy

Dimensions: L 2.4 (m) W 0.8~1.1 (m)  H 2.5~3 (m)

Free Gift: 12 Plastic Hangers (Silver Colour)

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Item Checklist



Read Before Purchase

  1. This product needs to be fixed to the ceiling with screws.
  2. The room/balcony where the product to be installed should be larger-than-2.8-meter long, larger-than-1.1 meter wide and less-than-3-meter high.
  3. If the ceiling height is larger than 3 meters, please make memo of your ceiling height when you place the order. We will prepare the longer wire and larger rolling handler for your needs.
  4. If you are not sure your room/balcony is suitable to install this product or not. Please email to support@windowday.com or WhatsApp +65 9760 4093 for the inquiry before purchase .
  5. If there is any existing building work on wall or ceiling, please specify when place the order.
  6. About the installation, we strongly recommend you opt for our installation service which is chargeable but professional and cheap.
  7. We won’t accept the return or exchange of the product when other installation services instead of ours are involved in the product installation.
  8. About the installation charge, cash needs to be paid on spot after installation. The charge is S$80 if you follow the data & time arranged by us. If the installation space does not meet the requirement of  >=2.8m long, >=1.1 meter wide and <=3-meter high and needs customisation, additional S$ will be charged on a case-by-case basis. 
  9. For HDB house, if the clothes drying rack is to be installed inside the kitchen/room/balcony, there is no permit needed. For Condo, please check with the condo management and inform them that the work is minor and is just to fix the rack on the ceiling only, so that our work van can be allowed to enter.
  10. The aluminium alloy clothes hangers are not included in the sale packet. Instead, 12 plastic hangers are included in the packets as free gifts. However, you have the option to upgrade to the aluminium alloy clothes hangers with some extra charges.


Aluminium Hangers

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