Why Outdoor Blinds in Singapore


The sunlight coming into my balcony can be quite harsh, and I would like to get outdoor blinds.

1.What is the blind product that will withstand the sun and rain?

2.Will the blind material be turning mouldy or becoming porous and hence easily broken over time?

3.Also, How do I maintain them?


Shade your balcony from the sun with outdoor blinds. Our outdoor roller blinds provide you a more sleek  and contemporary look for your balcony.

  1. The materials for these outdoor blinds are made for outdoor use. The fabrics are thicker and are made from PVC to withstand the harsh sun and rain. The fabric allows light to partially pass through while blocking UV rays.
  2. Besides the durable blinds materials, the rest of parts are made from premium 316 Stainless Steel and Aluminium Alloy which are not only durable but also rust-free.
  3. The maintenance is simple! Simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Choose Outdoor Blinds Fabrics

These highest quality fabrics are weather-proofed, and made from durable perforated materials manufactured with anti-mildew and fungi attributes, giving low chance to bacteria.


Stainless Steel Side Guide Cable

Our outdoor blinds are installed with premium 316 stainless steel cables and heavy-duty systems that bolt to the ground. The stainless steel side guide cables help to prevent the fabric from twist or flipping due to strong wind. These features make the blinds stay in place, rain or shine.


Professional Measurement & Installation Services

Do you need help with measuring or installing your outdoor blinds? Let our experienced professionals help you. Our professionals have been pre-screened and they are insured and licensed. Our installers are specialists in blinds/shades and average 10 years in the business. We offer you a free installation if you order more than 5 outdoor blinds. Do you have any questions? Contact us at +65 9760 4093 or Drop us an email at ask@windowday.com